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Profiles for industrial applications

As a system supplier for industrial enclosure construction, EMKA sees itself as a problem solver in order to develop an economically reasonable approach for opening, closing and sealing the enclosure together with the customer.

Through the development of individual concepts EMKA offers the appropriate sealing technology for different industrial sectors. Thus EMKA considers not only the seal, but also the closure and hinge technology as well as the material and construction of the respective industrial application. In doing so, EMKA falls back on a broad portfolio of existing sealing materials.

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Profiles made of fire protection compound

EMKA processes materials which are certified according to currently valid fire protection standards for rail vehicles, e.g. according to DIN EN 45545-2, ASTM E1354, ASTM E662, ASTM C1166, BSS 7239, SMP 800C.

Whether the achieved categories fit to the respective requirements or vehicle classes has to be verified for the individual case.

Product advantages of profiles made of EPDM fire protection compound:

  • Flame retardant for more safety
  • Significant cost savings compared to silicone seals
  • Readily customised frames and rings according to customer specifications possible
  • Profile geometry also individually according to customer requirements
  • Reliable top quality from in-house production in Europe

Profiles according to VDI guideline 6022

Information on VDI guideline 6022: Hygiene standard for HVACR systems

In guideline 6022 issued by “Verein Deutscher Ingenieure” (VDI) – Association of German Engineers – you can find a description of the minimum hygienic standards for ventilation and air conditioning systems. The guideline formulates requirements that have to be observed for planning, installation, operation and maintenance of ventilation and airconditioning systems in order to guarantee absolute faultless hygienic condition of the systems as well as the outside air inlets for the air-conditioned premises.

VDI guideline 6022 is valid for the domain of builders, architects, engineers, ventilation planners, manufacturers of air-conditioning systems, machine builders, authorising bodies, operators, service companies, stakeholders of room users (e.g. staff associations or committees as well as company physicians and public health officers).

In line with the latest technical development and scientific knowledge, this guideline is intended to guarantee a precise operation and condition of ventilation and air-conditioning systems by means of preventive technical provisions.

Profiles for the food industry

Seals for clean and hygienic working areas in the food industry are made of silicone or NBR. The compounds used at EMKA are compliant with the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.2600.

In hygiene-intensive work areas, which are subject to certain standards, the interaction between seal and hinge is particularly important, as only in this way a completely abrasion-free surface can be achieved. A custom-made seal is often required here in order to achieve standardcompliant gap sizes when sealing the joints between door and housing.

In addition to individual solutions EMKA also offers a variety of standard seals made of different materials and in different shapes.

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Edge protection

Self-clamping sealing profiles

Self-clamping sealing profiles made of fire protection compound

U-section profiles

Profiles with adhesive tape

Clamping profile and Holding profiles