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Sealing profiles made to measure from our own production

The EMKA Group is the expert for seals and rubber profiles from its own production. EMKA produces more than 1,500 sealing profiles as a catalogue standard and countless individual customer solutions from various materials after detailed consultation. The two production plants in Spain and England manufacture the right seal for industrial enclosure construction as well as the right rubber profiles for customers from other industries. 

Rubber brought into shape

With the integration of two established seal producers, the EMKA Group completed its vertical range of manufacture in 2009/2010: Sealing Systems from Arnedo (La Rioja) in Spain and Gummiwerke Happich from Birmingham in the United Kingdom. This enables the EMKA Group to offer the three important construction elements for industrial enclosure construction, namely closure, hinge and seal, from a single source. Through in-house production as well as state-of-the-art testing facilities and laboratories, EMKA seals meet the special quality characteristics from different industrial sectors such as chemicals, railways, refrigeration and air-conditioning technology. 

Steady growth and innovation in series production

"Through steady growth and innovation in series production, we are able to secure jobs at home and abroad. We use the enormous capacities of our modern, well-equipped production facilities to hold even more intensive consultations with our customers and offer them solutions for every need," summarises company owner Friedhelm Runge.